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Cancer II

So I finally have my dentures! The denturist was right, it felt like I had a mouth full of marbles. They felt real weird at first but I'm really starting to enjoy my smile!

Joaquin, my date on Saturday, was MIA all weekend. I figured he went to his friends cottage, like he said he might but yesterday he was online on Skype almost all day. I would say hello with no reply. After a while it would go to away then offline then back online again. I really felt like he was ignoring me. He sent me a message this morning saying his moms flight for Friday was cancelled and he was making other arrangements and he would talk to me soon. I'm just hoping that's the truth. I am hoping I'm not stood up on Saturday.

My brother is on leave from the army. I got to see him. I love that kid. He is being deployed back to Afghanistan when he goes back. I hate when he goes there. He is also being promoted. He will now be Major Cpl Fisher.

He's so dark, he's like a black man! Lol
Alright, I'm going to go relax, get ready for my date Saturday. Do my nails and all that good stuff. Here's my fave pic with teeth so far.


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Yay for new teeth! When I had my front teeth done it was definitely like marbles in my mouth! I remember my dentist told me to go home and read a newspaper outloud just to get used to it, lol. There are still some words that I say strangely now just because I was never used to having those front teeth in the way

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