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Crazy days...
Cancer II

Where to start? Well I went to the Autism Speaks fundraiser last week. It was nice. It was good to see everyone. I got pictures with Cheryl and I love how I look with my teeth. I'm finding it hard to smile naturally. It's so forced! Here is the pic of the Cheryl's!

I love it!!! Anyways, Joaquin never showed up. I knew he was working and he was going to leave as soon as possible. Well he never came and hasnt contacted me since. I sent him a message saying he was a coward, etc. I deleted him off my Skype. Since then I've been talking to a guy named Scott. He is SO nice. I was suppose to meet him yesterday except Sunday I decided to get my eyebrows waxed. My friend has been bugging me to do it. I decided why not and went. It went ok, it burned a bit but was fine. Around my eyes was a bit red plus even a little itchy. I thought that was normal. Ya, who knew? I woke up with my eyelids swelled shut!! They were huge. So I had a major allergic reaction to, what I am assuming, was the gel/cream they put on after to cool the skin.

It was horrible! The swelling has gone down but the itchiness?? OMG so horrible!! Even this morning my one eyelid was huge.

Scary isn't it? They fast tracked me before anyone. Fastest ER visit ever!
Scott was at the hospital with his mom today. Crazy stuff. I'm glad he called me again. He is so sweet. I wake up to good morning messages every day. He's started to call me sweetie. We will hopefully meet soon!! So excited!


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Thanks Zor! It is weird for me to see but some of the pictures my smile was just crazy!!

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