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Finally, a boyfriend!
Cancer II

So I met a guy named Scott off Plenty of Fish. He's a great guy. I talked to him a couple weeks before we met. We just met at a Tim Hortons in Scarborough. I actually met his mother too. Weird right? But I am actually okay with it. She wanted to talk to me about gastric bypass. She is a big woman and was supposed to get it done but chickened out. I tried to reassure her about it. She told me I was very pretty. Scott bought me ice cream. I was dying for the cold stone creamery brownie sundae and he got it for me. He still texts me every morning, saying good morning and wishing me a good day or hoping I slept well. He upgraded today from saying good morning Cheryl to good morning sweetie. I have a feeling we are going to be in a relationship it's just not official yet. We already act like we are in one. I'm excited for a real relationship. I like that he doesn't care about my size or anything else. It's refreshing.
I'm at my dads trailer right now. Loving that I'm spending time with my dad but hate that I'm missing Scott. Sad but true. I've talked to him yesterday and today.
My dad, Susan and I went to Walmart and food basics yesterday. Susan bought me a long skirt and water shoes.
Today we went to Seaway Mall and Walmart again then we went to drive around Niagara after dinner. In Seaway Mall there was a cat adoption place and it was a store front filled with cats. I was petting them all. One started licking my fingers so I put my face up to the cage and she started licking my nose. I wish I could've taken them all home. One of the kittens looked like Lily. So damn adorable.
Tomorrow I go home. We are leaving late morning because we are going straight to Toronto to bring me home, then my dad has to go back to Burlington.
I'm going to see if Scott and I can go to the movies next Saturday. I'm going to go to the zoo on the Sunday then the following weekend I am going to the zoo with Shawna and the kids and the Sunday is Pride. I'm figuring I'm going to Shawnas on Canada Day. Maybe Scott can come too. Ahh well, time to relax.


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Yay congrats and good luck!

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