Cancer II

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Date #2
Cancer II

So today should be a bit busy. I have physio at 2:30pm, I'll be home just after 5pm and I'll have to get ready to go out with Scott. We are going to the movies. I'm assuming we are still going. I told him he would have to come get me because he didn't give me time to book wheeltrans. He wants to go to the theatre at Eglinton Town Center. I have no clue what we are seeing. There is like four movies playing there that he wants to see.

Since I came home I've been dealing with my uncle and mother acting like children. My mother has been having tantrums. I don't think her medication is working anymore. I'll have to get her checked.

It will be a busy week. Physio and movies today, physio Wednesday, Shawnas on Thursday, Zoo on Sunday! I also think Patrick is coming to my birthday this year. That will be a miracle in itself. I enjoy hanging with Pat but he's an asshole. It will be interesting with Scott being there too. I've been telling people I'm seeing Scott. We aren't official but I am still 'seeing' him. Sounds better than dating. Well I was up early because I was asleep just after 7pm and was up at 9am. I'll update tomorrow if I end up going out.



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