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Past week...
Cancer II

I've had a fairly busy week. Tuesday was my rescheduled date with Scott. I ended up taking the TTC there. It wasn't so bad. The buses were ok and the subway ride was fine. I got there almost an hour earlier than I thought. It was ok, gave me time to go to the bathroom and stuff. I waited out front for him. The theatre was packed! I know it was Tuesday and all that but holy. Scott arrived at 6:45pm and we went inside and got in line. We ended up seeing World War Z 3-D. Scott paid, which was sweet, then went to get food. Well I got food. I hadn't eaten all day so I got chicken fingers. Scott just got a drink. The movie was good. I like that Scott and I are very comfortable with each other. Afterwards he sat with me outside til just before my ride came. He had to get up early and his mother was bugging for him to come home already. It was a good night.

Thursday I went to the final cast taping of 1 Girl 5 Gays. I've watched that show for the past four years. They already got rid of Aliya-Jasmin and brought in a new host but now they are getting rid of the entire original cast and bringing in a whole new cast! I can understand bringing in fresh blood but do it slowly. Slowly get rid of the old guys and being in new. I hope they don't kill the show that way. Anyways, I was suppose to be there for 7pm and go ask for Scott. I was there early and went across the street to Starbucks. I got my usual venti double chocolatey chip frapp with whip cream and an oat fudge bar. I sat in front of Much Music and call my father quickly. While I'm on the phone with him, Yerxa walks by. I said hi to him and he said, 'hello love.' Afterwards I saw Gerry come out. I said hi to him as well. He went to get something to eat and he came back and asked my name and shook my hand. After he went inside. I saw that it was 6:45pm and decided to go on. When I got to the door, I saw that Ian Lynch was coming out. Before I had the chance to do anything, he opened the door, he had a huge smile on his face and he said, 'oh my god, so glad you could make it' and he wrapped his arms around me. I was almost assuming that he mistook me for someone else until he said my name. 'Great to see you Cheryl' I just looked at him and said, 'I'm shocked you know who I am.' He said, 'Of course I do.'
I was shocked. I have never met him before. I do have him on Facebook and I've messaged him once, telling him I was praying for his mom, whose cancer had returned. I never thought he would know who I was, let alone recognize me in public. Scott comes down and gives me a wristband and the 2 other girls that were there as well. Because of my 'disability' I got to sit in the front row. He took us inside and we sat in our seats. I looked at the back and saw Ian standing there with his twin brother, Nolan. Next thing you know, Nolan was waving at me. I waved back. The only way I knew Nolan was through Ian, obviously and Instagram. We waited a bit and then the guys were outside. They were making them walk a red carpet. I saw Ian and when he saw me, he waved again. Then I saw Gerry and he waved at me too. I felt so special. The show was a blast. Afterwards we got to talk to the guys and take pictures. I got one with my fave Dillon and ones with Juan, Ish, Yetxa etc. I saw Ian and his brother on stage and decided to go over. Ian had his arms around 2 girls posing for a picture when he saw me standing there and said, 'Cheryl, just stay there, I'll come see you in a minute.' When he was done he came over and hugged me again and thanked me for the support with his mother. Nolan came over and took our picture then Nolan came down and hugged me too. I got my picture with him as well. When it was all over, I sat outside for my ride and they are all waving at me from their rides and saying goodbye beautiful. It was an awesome night!

Saturday Shawna and I went to the Zoo with her daughter Kayla and her nephew Cyril. I got to use her zoom lense. It was great using it. I got some great shots! She never charged her camera and it died in 2 minutes. The walking killed me. Then I noticed they now rent electric wheelchairs! I wish I knew, I would've rented one!!

Today I went to the Pride Parade. Every year I end up leaving early cause I keep getting heat stroke. This year I was super prepared and still left a few minutes early because my stomach was so upset. Damn Second Cup has one washroom for everyone! There was a damn woman in there shooting up. She looked so wasted! Also she left blood droplets on the floor. Ewwww! I got burned of course. Big huge X on my back!

It's crazy!! Well tomorrow I finally get to sleep in. I haven't heard from Scott in two days. I think he went away for the weekend. My eyes are getting heavy, time for bed!

Happy Canada Day!!!



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