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Coming to an end
Cancer II

Well July is almost over. It's usually my busy month with my birthday and all. It still was busy but I think August will be worse.

Today I had my PFT test at Toronto General Hsp and I never knew there was a whole food court on the ground floor!! There was Druxys, Subway, Hero Burger, Wing Machine, Mega Wraps, Bagel and Co, some Sushi place, Booster Juice, Tutti Frutti and a salad place and soup place, not to mention a Timmies AND Starbucks! I grabbed my usual at Starbucks and a sub from Subway. It's all free because they gave me my $25 for attending. Tomorrow I am going to the bank and then grocery shopping, Saturday ill probably spend packing for my trip to Niagara with Shawna and family. Also Sunday is the NKOTB concert! I'm quite excited! New Kids was my first ever concert back in the day but this one is cool because of Boyz II Men! It's just so, full circle. I also just bought tickets for Kiss 92s Wham Bam. The acts are Avril Lavigne, Robin Thicke, Classified, Shawn Desman, Nicky Williams and one other band. It should be a decent night. I'm trying to get Scott to go with me, if not ill bring Sasha. Next week is Sasha's birthday. We will be spending it at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara. It should be a good trip. But August, I'll be doing a photo shoot for Crystals baby and the family, Trish's kids shoot, moms denture appt, physio twice a week, hopefully a splash pad with Tati, the wham bam concert, the CNE and trying to figure out if I can go to work part time in September. There could be more but who knows! Ok I better get to sleep, I have to get up early!!


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Wow! sounds like quite a summer. Have fun!!!

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