Cancer II

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Cancer II

It's been a decent summer, I'm just bored shitless the past week. I want to see Scott but he's at the height of his busy season, so I don't get to see him much or even talk to him for that much. He calls while driving between jobs or getting lunch. I miss him. It's hard when you are in a new relationship and you don't have a lot of contact. People are trying to make me think he's doing other things but he is a genuinely decent person, I can't really see that happening.

I went to Niagara with Shawna and family. They stay at Great Wolf Lodge every year. Wow is that an elaborate hotel and expensive. We spent the first day in the hotel, hanging by the waterpark and outdoor pool. The second day we went to Safari Niagara. I've been there before and the place always impresses me. The third day we went to Clifton Hill, did the Maid of the Mist, the arcade and did dinner. It was Sasha's actual birthday so we went to Montana's. the last day we hung around the outdoor pool and bought stuff from the gift shop, etc.
I went to The Package Tour with NKOTB, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees. It was good, a throwback to my teenage years. Boyz II Men gave out roses to the women up front but because I was in the accessible section, I got one too, well all the able challenged did!
I have Wham Bam coming up soon and I'm hoping Scott can come with me. I'll bring my mom if I have too but I would rather spend the day with Scott, we need the time together.
I don't know why I bothered writing? I'm really not up to it tonight. Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.



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